Dry and Wet

Dry Rot

It's always a worrying issue when you see Dry Rot and it can be a very complex in how it's treated. It should always be observed and identified by qualified and experienced technicians - and should NEVER be ignored and handled by any unqualified amateurs as the create serious repercussions.

Wherever the source of the moisture is, it must be removed as fungus shall continue to grow.

Once this has been identified any affected timber must be treated to prevent further growth, as must the fungal growth of the rot. Though on some occasions it is necessary to remove and replace timer that is beyond repair, it is the same regarding affected masonry. The eradication of the Dry Rot fungus are carried out by our highly qualified technicians.

Wet Rot

Although WET ROT is less of a serious problem than DRY ROT, it should not be treated with any less ease. The eradication of moisture sources, prompting a dry environment and timber treatment/replacement is often still necessary to prevent the problem to escalate into something much more serious. We at Dampworx specialise in the abolishment which can involve partial or complete floor replacements and wall re-plastering.

Full details of the proposed treatments are provided along with our quotation once a surveyor has completed an inspection of the property, and of course treatments are covered by long term guarantees.


A Woodworm is a general name given to any beetle found in building timbers which feeds on wood.

The species that are most often found are the Death Watch Beetle, Powder Post Beetle and most often are the Common furniture Beetle. Here at Dampworx we provide a wide range of eradication treatment services. The treatment you receive will be determined by the type of infestation you have once one of our specialist surveyors has observed the issues.

If your treatment requires work with affected timbers, we use a process which only requires you to leave your property for a short time. Our technicians use ecologically sound, low odour preservatives to carry out the work. On some occasions re-entry is possible later the same day.

Unlike anywhere else, we at Dampworx provide a 20 year guarantee on woodworm treatments such as Common Furniture Beetles. The guarantees that are available to meet your requirements shall be provided by the surveyor on Completition.